Field Allen Post 148 Windham Maine (official site)

Dues can be paid to the American Legion in several ways:


A.  Annually, currently (1/2024) $45, Jan 1 to Dec 31.  click on the link to go to the payment page

B. Paid Up For Life (PUFL) info (click on the link).  Then click again to go to the payment page)  Thw PUFL dues can be paid in 12 monthly equal installments, or in one lump sum.  The PUFL amount varies depending on the member's age, but as an example currently (1/2024) a member in the 70 to 79 age bracket would pay $599.   Here is more information and a PUFL dues rate chart by age.

C.  New, only for a limited time starting at the end of 2023, is a special one time 3 year dues offer.   Note that at the expiration of the 3 years, your dues will revert to one of the above options.  Click here for more information.  Click here for additional information updated as of Jan. 2024.

Because there has been some confusion, here are some of the rules for this 3 year offer, per Post Adjutant Tanguay:

1. Program is not retroactive-Can not have already renewed for 2024 and then pay the difference for three years at the current rate

2. Can only apply the program through the myLegion online process

3. Post can not take a check for three years and apply it o your the program now stands

4. If you want to have someone talk thru the process with you (On myLegion), contact Rachel at 207 873-3229 and hit #1 for Rachel

5. Unfortunately, the Post can't complete this process for you



  • We have been advised that National will increase the dues rate on July 1, 2024.
  • You cannot attend any Legion functions or post meetings until your dues are paid